Brisbane’s Stone Restoration & Repairs Specialists

Your Stone Restorer Brisbane is a specialist in providing the following services for all our stone needs:

  • Restoration, Repairs, Cleaning, Polishing of all natural & engineered stones
  • We can restore stone floors, stairs, bench tops, counter tops, vanities, door steps
  • Chip and Crack repair
  • Rejoining joints
  • Enhance and rejuvenate counter tops
  • Polishing and sealing
  • Altering sink and cook tops cutouts
  • Removing stubborn stains
  • Cleaning and resealing bench tops and floors
  • Removal of old and deteriorated silicon and installment of new
  • Alter edge profile
  • Onsite fabrication of recycled stone
  • Cut and polish applications

Our reputation is high. We stand behind our work. We know our work will last a lifetime.

Your Stone Restorer is a trusted service agent for stone bench tops in Brisbane and surrounding areas. If you need your stone repaired due to chips and cracks we can fix them with no problem. Dedicated specialists are experienced and qualified to carry out all stonework repairs and installation at your home. They will work quickly and leave no fuss due to cutouts, re-polishing or more.

Look at our gallery to see examples of how we restore stone surfaces. Questions? Please call us.

Super Stone Restoration has licensed specialists who are adept at repairing all types of natural and engineered stone. Restore old and faded granite, repair chipped Ceasar stone or clean stained marble. We will give you an estimate and do the work without breaking your budget.

We are dedicated to making sure you have an exceptional experience and the end result will stand the test of time. Our technicians are stonemasons by trade and fully licensed. We work with all industries and are fully insured. We work with:

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Private Individuals
  • Kitchen and Stone Manufacturers

No job is too small or too big for Your Stone Restorer Brisbane. Contact us now!