Get Your Stone Floor Restored in Brisbane

People belonging to class and wanting decorate their houses had always preferred marble stone for their houses. But it cannot be denied that keeping and maintaining the marble floor attractive all the time is really tough and requires extra effort. Cracking on any part of the floor is dangerous and it will ruin your dream of having attractive marble floor. With cracking on any part it spreads forward and makes the whole floor discolored. Beauty of natural stone can be maintained only by proper attention and care given to the floor. After regular interval restoration initiative plans are inevitable for proper maintenance and restoration of the marble floor.

Kinds of natural stone are different due to solidity and structure. Most tough stone is only marble, which is stronger as compared to other natural stone being used in flooring. But strength of marble does not allow using the floor constantly without any restoration because external pressure, heat and moisture are those elements in the environment which cannot be avoided and these are main source of marble destruction. Moisture gives the chance to stains and other dust particle to stick with the surface of the floor. External pressure makes friction on the surface and dragging other furniture articles on the floor are the main reasons of appearance of scratches on the surface. While heat play other vital role in discoloring the floor and destroying its natural shine. All these factors affect the marble only due to porous nature of the stone and that is why it gets scratches and stains rapidly from the environment and moisture absorption makes them stronger in sticking with the stone.

Stone Restoration Brisbane

Marble is not as smooth as it looks because pores are always on its surface and smooth looking is gained only by grinding the surface with diamond pads attached in rotary machine. That is why its life is shorter than the artificial stone made tiles. Normal tear and wear of marble stone has revealed on close examination that there is problem with the installation of tiles. This happens when surface under the tiles is not plain and smooth and there is some vacuum under the surface and tight grip is not made by the tile and when pressure is applied on the surface or hard and heavy furniture is placed on it cracking become visible. Low quality of grout is also big reason of cracking but when once marble floor is installed it is not enough. It can only serve you according to your expectation when restoration process is applied thoroughly.

Hiring some professional restorer will help you to remove the cracked marble and installation of new marble tiles on damaged area. After cleaning the whole surface by sweeping and washing next step of restoration plan will be applied in which stone restorer will apply the texture or solution on the surface to make it smooth for rotary machine. After grinding, polishing and sealing will be performed to make the floor shiny and attractive.