Granite Stone Restoration – Fix Dull Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are in great demand because of their durability and elegance. If they are well maintained and cleaned regularly, they will keep their gleam and polished look for several years. Though, sometimes soap and grease residue build up, causing the surface to become faded and dull. Extended exposure to sunlight and scratches can also cause dull surface. Mentioned below are some ways by which you can restore the original look of your granite countertops:

Granite Stone RestorationGranite Polishing Powder

If you have dullness caused by etching and light, granite polishing powder is the best solution to remove it. Be certain to talk to the supplier of your countertops prior you use it, as the powder is abrasive to some extent. Abrasive substances shall use on granite surfaces. Though, this granite polishing powder can remove stains, shallow scratches, and residue. If the supplier approves the use of this powder, combine it with water to form a paste. Afterward, wipe it into the countertop with a felt pad or burlap. Bear in mind that some polishes are designed particularly for dark or light stone, thus make sure to select the right one for your countertops.


Often kitchen countertops, specifically near the sink and stove, become dull from oil, grease or soap. Therefore, regular cleaning with mild dish soap and water are important. If the problem has gotten past the point of daily cleaning, you can make use of acetone, which plays the role of a solvent to dissolve greasy stains. Scrub the surface of countertops with acetone, using a supple cloth, and then rinse out with lukewarm water, and dry with a clean cloth.


Granite countertops need to reseal on a regular basis. Several experts suggest that this can be done once a year as a minimum if you note that water is no longer beading on the countertops surface. When you opt for your countertops, look out if your retailer has a maintenance plan that offers to re-seal on a regular basis. If you decide to do the resealing by yourself, talk to the retailer or manufacturer to find out what product they suggest. Clean the surface prior applying the sealant.

Apply the sealant with a spray bottle or a rag evenly and slowly. After it is completely dry, you can apply extra coats if you feel it is essential. It is necessary that you cover the surface with an even coat. After the sealant had fully dried, you can apply as many as 3 to 4 extra coats to provide the most effective protection.

Re-polishing / Refinishing

If your countertops are faded badly, it may need professional treatment. Occasionally acidic substances can cause deep etches that can only remove by refinishing or re-polishing. It needs specialized services. Thus you should request a Granite stone restoration company to do it for you. Call the company that sold or installed your countertops to look out if they handle this, or can suggest someone else who does. Once your countertops shall restore to their previous gleam and luster, consider the importance of daily cleaning and care.