How To Clean Marble Tiles Effectively

Lots of individuals love to decorate their office and home with beautiful sets of marble countertops or marble floors. But the real question is that how effectively you clean and maintain these marble tiles. We present here some useful tips to look after for your marble tiles. These are easy to pursue and can save your time and money as well.

Specially Made For Cleaning Up Marble

It is suggested being very careful while choosing for marble cleaning products as marble is not like plastic or other similar materials. It is quite delicate than all others and can easily be damaged. It is important to use some gentle sort of chemicals when applied on the outer surface of marble tiles. It is not favorable to utilize commonly used household substances likes detergent or other chemicals. Although certain gentle creams and powders are available in market specifically for cleaning purpose but it is always feasible to check out the intensity of its PH before applied it on marble floor. Be sure that you have already researched enough for respective marble cleaning product.

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Avoid Acidic Substances

You should not use those cleaning substances that are specifically formulate with lemon, orange or similar sort of acidic substances as they may end up leaving more stains on the surface of marble tiles. Try to apply some acidic free substances with natural ingredients as they are enough gentle for outer surface of your tiles.

Warm Or Hot Water

Another thing you must consider while cleaning up for marble tiles is to use warm or hot water. The all you need to do is to rub softly with a sponge on the surface of tile. You must dry up the surface of tiles properly so that water drops didn’t leave dirty stains on the marble surface.

Wipe Off Spills

You should wipe off all kinds of spills immediately after cleaning with hot or warm water otherwise it will leave staining on it. Etching problems on tiles are majorly caused of these water drops stayed on the marble tiles surface.

Colorless Wax Coating

It is advisable to apply a thin layer of colorless wax on the surface of marble as it prevents them from adverse effects of weather and other unfavorable conditions. It also provides extra power and protection from all sorts of stains.

Remember that all tips disclosed above are purely devised for marble restoration or cleaning purpose. You must very careful regarding all tips and tactics application on marble flooring.