Preservation, Maintenance and Restoration of Natural Stone

For the maintenance of natural beauty and strength which natural stone possesses inherently it is necessary to take care of it. Negligence in this regard will not only cost the benefit associated with it but also cost of fixing the problem. Quality of the natural stone is dependent upon its nature, density and structure but element of care is the key to maintain the same. The whole process of care covers three major areas like preservation, maintenance and restoration of natural stone.

Mostly the surface of stone is observed to be porous and that is why absorbing property may cause it to mold or lost its original shape after absorbing the moisture in the environment. For right preservation of the natural stone it is necessary to study the nature and composition of the stone and according to the inherent qualities and further processing’s quality like polishing should be considered along with the environmental factors either they are suitable or not for the natural stone.

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Maintenance refers to the proper identification of the stone’s qualities like its density, absorption rate and weather in which it is being used. For keeping it durable for coming years right plan should be selected for it considering all the factors mentioned above. From installation to the current situation can give the whole information about the stone and required maintenance plan. Any material for cleaning purpose being used on it should not be ignored because there are different chemical solutions which are used to clean it. More acidic solution causes serious damage to the look and durability of the stone.

Restoration of everything is necessary because it is not done if proper selection is made for the natural stone for flooring and right maintenance plan is adopted because with the passage of time everything is subject to tear and wear due to continuous use. To make the stone floor clean from all weather effects and using impacts restoration process is applied which removes the stain and scratches from the surface and make the floor shiny and clean like the first day.