Proper Maintenance of Stone Made Floor

Different kinds of stone with different composite qualities are being used in flooring. Most popular kinds of natural stone for this purpose are marble, sandstone, granite and limestone. These all are different in their qualities and require different efforts for their care. For stone flooring using of stone is not just end because to keep it clean and to maintain it for future is real task which shows the care and real benefit of the investment made in marble flooring.

There are very small issues which are ignored and they become the reason of great damage to the stone floor. First of all dust, sand particles and dirt are not thought as  big problems which after accumulation become the hard particles which scratch the surface of the stone floor and make the look of stone dull. It is very important to clean the floor from dust either by using wet cloth or vacuum cleaner. Any other method to collect the dust from the surface can be used instead of spreading it in the corners.

Stone Floor Restoration Brisbane

Mostly to make the cleaning process fast different kinds of cleaner solutions, vinegar or other liquids containing lemon extract are used. No doubt they clean the surface easily but their high pH destroys the beauty and strength of the stone. Corrective measures are always considered harmful that is why preventive measures should be taken on regularly basis. Daily cleaning with normal wet cloth, placement of hard articles carefully, use of furniture having wheels, placement of dust mat on the doors and cleaning any stain immediately are some useful tips which have no cost but need some effort. Their benefit is long-lasting because it saves your investment made on flooring and by adding more years in the life of the floor.

Restoration is also helpful on regular intervals, which is done with extreme care and in detail by the professional stone restorer firms. Instead of doing this at home services of professionals should be acquired. Cleaning to sealing with proper use of material according to the nature of the stone used in flooring increase the durability and maintains the original beauty of the stone for coming time.