Stone Restoration Safe Procedures

Everyone wishes to keep his or her house beautiful and unique for which mostly people decide to install marble and other kinds of stone in the house. Different patterns of marble and its natural colors give unique design to the floor of the house. For this purpose a lot of money is spent on installation of the marble, granite and so on. This investment is beneficial only when proper attention is given to maintain the marble floor for keeping it clean and beautiful.

Human activity on the floor and environmental factors like dirt, stains and scratches destroy the whole beauty of the stone and it starts to crack. Regular cleaning of marble floor in Coorparoo is necessary and the most preferred way is to clean it on daily basis. It will not allow dust to stay on the surface for longer period of time otherwise it will make permanent residence on the surface and when some liquid will be applied it will try to penetrate in the pores of the stone. Many people think that stone is very rigid but the truth is that marble is soft in nature it can sustain its beauty only when it is properly cleaned and polished after regular intervals.

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Protection of marble is possible only when it is maintained well and proper cleaning is performed. But care is needed while cleaning it because cleanser are mostly used for this purpose. Before selecting the cleanser you must be aware of the fact that harsh chemical are fatal for the beauty of marble. Soaps and detergents are not suitable due to acidic chemical presence in them. Many people think that acidic cooking products like vinegar will remove stains from the surface and similarly lemon will work in a better way. But both are harmful for the marble surface. They will destroy the color of stone and due to their penetrating property they will affect deeply even under the porous surface.

Sometime food item are dropped on the floor like wine, juices and other beverages but they are not safe. If this happens on your floor then you must clean it immediately because if they remain for longer period of time they will make stain on the surface. When pH is measured for food items, there are very few things which you get neutral otherwise eating products give some value on pH scale. Sometime furniture articles are dragged on the floor and your floor gets some scratches. It happens when layer of polish is rubbed and scratch becomes visible due to vanishing of shine. To make your floor safe from the acids and other stains, sealer must be used on the floor and other areas like counter tops and washroom tiles where human activity is more than other parts. After complete restoration process floor must be washed with normal and pure water. On becoming dry floor must be sealed by applying sealer which is solvent based. It will work like shield in future against stain and dust.