Stone Restoration- Myths to Disbelieve

There are so many myths connected to the stone restoration that are prevailing since a long time. One shall not believe in them before investigating regarding if it is true or not. Here we are going to explore few of them to help your fundamental concerns.  Typically people believe that vinegar is the best agent to clean up the stone. Well, it is a false belief. It works contrary to it; it can damage the surface and make its appearance worse. The acidic nature liquids are no at all suitable for this purpose. If you use such materials, they can ruin the shine and make you fall in need of polishing or be honing it again.

Stone Restoration Myths

They say that do not waste your money on it to seal it because it does not provide a shield against the acidic elements like vinegar, alcoholic products or ammonia based products. Well, the truth is that your floor still needs it because it helps a lot in saving it from the spilling invasions of tea, oil, coffee, and grease and so on. The non-acidic products fail to absorb in it . Hence, it becomes protected against staining and markings. It is also very essential for kitchen counter tops. There is no reason for taking it light thus, do not miss it.

It is also thought that there is no need of restoration of the newly installed stone within first two years. If there is a spill after just a few months, you can be in dire need of this treatment to ensure the mess removed before it creates a big fuss. For instance, the orange juice has acidic nature. Thus its spill over can create a great issue. If you have light and soft tone then the level care multiplies. The commercial concerns may need maintenance after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. However, when it comes to home, you can go for it after a year or two.

The idea of power washing the granite, travertine, or slate is a bad one. Since these are natural, thus it needs tender treatments. If you are planning for it, then it is no way going to suit the health of your stone. It can cause severe erosion to the surface. You shall use neutral cleansers and water to mop or rub the surface for cleansing purpose. The general perception about refinishing is that it is a dusty process. The fact is that it does not create so much dust because it is a wet process. The companies providing this service ta the responsibility of covering the area surrounding it.

It is also in the minds that the tiles do not need to be cleaned since it is only required for the grout. It is another false approach. The dirt compiles on the grout by the time and makes it look darker, thus; it catches the attention to improving it. You need to clean the whole of it and go for a profound and proper one. It is suggested to consult the experts before you start following the myths.