Stones Being Used In Stone Flooring

Discovering the nature in the room and to bring the versatility and beauty of natural earth, natural stone flooring has become very popular in contemporary era. No doubt use of stone in flooring gives pure and clean look but this is not so simple because it requires extra care for its look. After getting the floor furnished with stone tiles it can be kept neat and clean like first day by following the tips provided by the professional stone restorers. Different kinds of natural stone are prevailing in the market and each has unique and different nature and similarly has its own using manual.

Travertine stone is being used largely in the buildings because of its catchy and distinct look. With pleasant look it is famous among the users due to its durability. Natural composition of travertine stone is calcium carbonate which has risk of etching and light abrasion.

Stone Floor Restoration

Like travertine stone there is another kind of natural stone which is famous from many centuries and known as marble. One thing which is common in marble and travertine is their susceptibility to etching and light abrasion. Dazzling appearance of marble is due to its composite element of calcite or dolomite crystals.

In modern society slate is very common in use due to its available shades but it has only one weak point which is related to light abrasion.

Volcanic ash is also being converted in flooring stone naming Cantera. Originally it has dull look but to make it shiny and attractive sealing of the floor is vital factor.

Sandstone is dull in nature and has different elements in it composition providing vast color range starting from red and ending on brown. For shiny and making it eye-catching its sealing is necessary.

Calcium carbonate made stone limestone has vast use and its different colors like yellow, brown or red are obtained by adding iron oxide in different quantities and to obtain blue, black or gray carbon is used.

Other different kinds of natural stone are granite, which is made through extreme pressure on molten rocks, terrazzo, onyx and quartzite.

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