Your Stone Restorer Brisbane can restore, repair, clean and polish all type of natural and engineered stones in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW.


One of the most popular stones used for flooring, bench tops, tabletops and fireplaces plus counter tops is marble. It has a timeless quality and visual appeal making a home truly elegant. Marble is expensive so there are specific cleaning requirements.


Use for kitchen bench tops and flooring, granite is hard wearing and easy to clean. It is strong and durable but needs to be cared for and maintained to keep its appearance in optimum condition.


A natural stone that can be used outdoors and indoors limestone has a neutral appearance and often has fossils and other inclusions as part of its uniqueness. Can be used for counter tops, but is susceptible to acid damage and spills. Ensure that limestone is sealed to avoid long term damage.


A type of limestone in the form of sedimentary rock, travertine is used as building material for patios, floors and paths. It is a natural stone and usually imported from Italy.


Composite stones used for flooring and walling purpose terrazzo is a mixture of marble, granite, and glass. It is usually used for large scale flooring projects.


Made of granular material, concrete is used in construction projects for pavement, foundations, structuring, and flooring. Seal your concrete to keep it from splitting and cracking.


A sedimentary rock is available in browns, grays, and blacks and yellow. It is elegant and durable and used in building and paving materials.


An igneous rock formed by cooling lava basalt is generally used in construction for ground works and decorations plus flooring projects.


Porcelain is a ceramic used for decorative purposes. It can also be used for floor and wall tiles.

Engineered Stones

  • Hanstone
  • Caesarstone
  • Icestone
  • Silestone
  • Zodiac