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Chips on engineered stones can be repaired. Our photos tell the story. We repair any quartz based engineered stone and that includes Essastone, Wuartz, Caesarstone and Quantum. We also fix your natural stone to look like new. These include marble, granite, travertine andlimestone. No matter whatthe size of the chip, our repairs are high standard. You will not be able to see where the repair was made.

Stone countertops might seem indestructible, but they do crack and joints do separately. If a stone was not properly supported when installed if will often crack and defects will show. Super Stone Restoration will repair these cracks and make sure stonework is correctly supported.

We identify and stop the cause of the crack. The stone is then supported and reinforced. We will match the crack with a colour resin and polish it to make the crack as invisible as possible.

Stains caused by red wine, citrus, markers or pen are common with stone. You can have stains to your marble, granite and limestone that seem impossible to repair.Your Stone Restorer Brisbane has many products designed to eliminate stains from stone surfaces without touching the rest of the stone. We will assess your stains as per job and treatment will be contingent on how far the stain has penetrated the stone. We can also seal your benches using a sealer with a manufacturer’s warranty. This will help prevent future staining.

Prominent Services

  • Restoration
  • Repairs
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Sealing
  • Finishing
  • Installation
  • Re-grouting

Additional Services


When you purchase new appliances or new sinks you will often need to cutout your stone to accommodate our new additions. The existing cutout might work, but if you have pieces of the original stone we can rebuild the large section to accommodate a smaller appliance.

If you are installing a larger appliance, we can enlarge the area. If you are replacing your drop in cooktop for a freestanding stove we will cut and polish the stone to your preference. We can also work with flush mounted cooktops.

Your Stone Restorer Brisbane will section off the area where we are working on to ensure the cutting dust is contained.

Clean and Seal

When stone floors are new they are amazing. However, over time floors are subjected to heavy foot traffic which results in wear and tear. Grime and grit can also become engraved on your stone floors.

We have a tried and true method to return your floors to their original color and shine.

We seal the floors and use the highest quality sealer on the market to keep your floors looking new.

Edge Profiles

Flat pack kitchens often come with a bench top that has a chamfered edge. You may want your kitchen edges modified. We can change the edge profile.

We have all the machinery, tools and experience to change your edges and make your kitchen look awesome.

Flush Mounts

Flush-mounting is the newest trend in kitchens. Stonemasons require specialist machines to perform flush-mounting or under mounting work to bench tops. If you don’t have this work done before your bench top is installed you will have to take the bench top to a factory to carry out the work. This, of course, can be impossible.

Our stone specialists come to your home and a technician will carry out the work by hand. Our experienced stonemasons will pay attention to each minute detail and measurement. You will have perfection for your flush mounts and under mounts.

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